Wednesday, December 26, 2018

With what tools and applications has a translator?

When a professional translator must cope with your first translation project, surely will arise him plenty of questions, including "can what online resources I use to address the project?".
There is a wide variety of applications and resources online that can assist the translator. Many of these applications are not created specifically for translators or translation projects, but can be of great help.
To start, we can use programs that will help us to manage our project:, Stolid, Wanderlust will help us to create lists of tasks for our projects. You can add other programs to manage time, such as Dosimeter, Rescue Time, or Toggle. With them, we can take accurate records of our time invested in the project. If we want to keep focused on our work, we can use tools like a Snowball that will filter and remove unnecessary notifications from Facebook, Twitter, etc. If what we want is an aid to overcome the temptation of navigating to pages that may distract us, the Stay Focused application will block these pages for us or limited the time that we can be in them.

If we are looking for linguistic resources, online there, although there are few truly reliable. Most likely search on pages that have the support of any organization or entity of renown, such as for example the database ATE European Union. We can also highlight CORED (chronic Corpus of Spanish) or the create (Corpus of reference of the Spanish current). On the page of the fondue, can find and even consult on many terms which may create confusion when translated, such as the difference between "systematic" and "systemic", the most appropriate translation of off-shore or Panama Papers, etc.
In what refers to the atmosphere of the translation itself, you can find options like Linguae, a page that is increasingly popular among translators, because it offers different translations with their respective sources, allowing us to decide whether it is reliable or not. At we can find almost any terms in an infinite number of pairs of languages. It also boasts an extensive Forum. Other useful options are Translator and Countrywoman. The first is a portal for translators of all languages, the second is a European Union free online publication.
We don't want to end this post without mentioning the blog of Trusted Translations forum dedicated to the translation, localization, CAT tools and languages in general. Every day new publications are made and threads are created.
At Trusted Translations, we believe that translators must take hold of all possible tools at its disposal in order to achieve the best possible result. The majority of these applications and pages are free and do not present any complexity, which encourage everyone to try them at least once for you to see what is the most appropriate for each one.